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What Pressure Washing Mistakes Do People Make All The Time In Brisbane?

Although pressure washing is considered one of the best cleaning methods for homeowners seeking to maintain their property’s value, it can cause so much damage to your surfaces when done wrongly. Unfortunately, most of the damage is caused by improper pressure washing, which can be very expensive, especially if you must replace damaged areas. For this reason, it is always important to know what other people have done wrong so that you cannot do it whenever you are pressure washing your home in Brisbane. To learn about homeowners’ mistakes while pressure washing their homes, continue reading this article.


Pressure Washing Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid in Brisbane

It is always important for you to learn from the mistakes of others rather than learning from your own mistakes. Therefore, before you begin pressure washing your home,  you must know what mistakes people have made to avoid them. The following are the most common pressure-washing mistakes homeowners make in Brisbane;


  • Using excessive pressure

Pressure washing involves using high pressure to remove dust,  mould, algae,  weeds and other contaminants from your home and exteriors. However, there is a certain pressure that you must stay within while cleaning your home. You could punch some holes in the concrete or wooden surfaces when you use excessive pressure while pressure washing. Thus, use the right pressure to prevent any damage from using too much pressure while cleaning your home.


  • Failing to use some detergent

Even though pressure washing removes all contaminants and tough stains, it doesn’t mean you should use only water when pressure washing your home. This is because you require detergents and cleanse us to make pressure washing easier. The detergents and cleansers break up the dart and kill mould on the surfaces. This, therefore, ensures that you have an easier time ensuring that no stains are left while pressure cleaning your home.


  • Failing to protect the landscape

Before you begin pressure washing your home,  you must thoroughly wet the plants around your house. This prevents the plants from being affected by the detergent or cleanser you use during pressure cleaning. Also, remember to use environmentally friendly detergents since they impact your plants.


  • Pressure washing painted surfaces

Most painted surfaces cannot withstand even gentle pressure washing, especially if they have been exposed to sunlight for a long time or are simply old. If you pressure wash these painted surfaces,  you may make the paint peel, leaving the surface looking old. If you want your surfaces to remain painted, you should avoid pressure washing them.


  • Pressure washing surfaces prone to mould growing

Combining pressure washing with a cleaning solution is always effective for removing mould. However, not all surfaces can dry quickly after pressure washing without mould growing.   Unfortunately, most homeowners tend to think that they can pressure wash any surface, including surfaces like fabric or drywall. Instead, you need to identify the materials or items you can pressure wash and those that cannot. If you pressure wash a surface that does not dry completely,  mould will begin to grow on them.


Hire Pressure Washing Professionals in Brisbane

If you are not an expert in pressure washing your home, you should hire professional high pressure cleaning services to do the job on your behalf. Professionals offering pressure cleaning surfaces have the necessary skills and experience, which help them ensure that they do everything the right way. This way, you can always have peace of mind knowing that they will pressure the washer home without making any of the above mistakes you will likely make as a homeowner.






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